CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities in BanglaCAT

In practice, globalization has made CSR a significant issue for Bangladeshi businesses. CSR concentrates on benefits of all stakeholders rather than just the stockholders. Consciousness and sense of necessity for practicing CSR is becoming more and more pronounced as the country has to adapt itself to the process of globalization.

BanglaCAT is passionately involved in its CSR activities.

  • December, 2007: BanglaCAT distributed blankets and winter clothes to people hit by severe cold wave in Jamuna Basin, under the district of Jamalpur.

  • November 15, 2007: BanglaCAT distributed emergency relief (food) among cyclone, sidr affected families.

  • June, 2007: BanglaCAT sent relief goods and food supplements to the flood disaster affected areas and took part in the relief programs.

Achievements, Awards and Recognitions

Ever since BanglaCAT's inauguration in 2004, we have achieved the following:

Electric Power Sales Achievements:

  • BanglaCAT became the top Asia Pacific Power System Dealer for achieving Electric Power Sales (in US Dollars) in 2008 and 2009

  • BanglaCAT became the top Asia Pacific Power System Dealer for achieving Electric Power Sales (in US Dollars and Units) in 2006

Workshop: Our Ashulia Workshop was awarded in November 3, 2009 for Contamination Control facility 4 Star from Mr. Rob Carter Vice President of Caterpillar Asia Pacific Distribution Services.


Caterpillar released a new generator, G35I6H and of course with it came along the festivities. A series of seminars were held in Chittagong Peninsula Hotel, Hotel Lakeshore and The Westin Dhaka; throughout September 6-8, 2012.

On the 6th of September the first event was held at Chittagong's Peninsula Hotel. The event proved to be very successful with a full house. A presentation regarding the G35I6H, and of course with dinner following.

On the 7th, the second event was held at Lakeshore Hotel Dhaka. Led by Mr. Peter Lau and Mr. Prasanna Despande, speeches were also given by Mr. Shahed Mustafa Mujahid (CMO), Sales Division Head Mr. Zaidul Islam, and Senior Manager Head of Product Support Mr. Ziaul Alam Khan. A very responsive customer Q & A session was also held.

On the 8th, the third and last event of the NPI seminar was held at The Westin Dhaka. The event was inaugurated by CEO of BanglaCAT, Mr. Nazim Asadul Haque. The event ended the three day long continuation of the NPI Seminar.

In all three seminars guests were received with a gift bag including CAT® products (mug, pen and polo shirt) and all three events were followed by dinner at the respective hotels. All in all, the event proved to be successful on both ends; BanglaCAT and its customers, and future customers.

2012, Marine Service Marketing Event

The Product Support Marketing team of BanglaCAT successfully conducted seven CAT® Care Seminars and a marine service marketing event this year. On July 19, 2012 the Marketing & PSM Division conducted the "2012 Marine Service Marketing Event" in Chittagong. The event was arranged at Ambrosia, and was a day long event. Mr. Asif Anwar, Head of Marketing Division, Mr. Nurul Islam, Head of Marine Sales, Mr. Ziaul Alam Khan, Head of PSD and Mr. Fazla Elahie from PSD, Mr. Asheq Moula from Trouble Shooting Department delivered speeches to the customers. These seminars helped to build effective and lasting relationship with the customers, and also gave them an idea about existing CAT® products.

DTG Fair 2013

The 10th Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (a four day long event) was held on January 31, 2013 through February 3, 2013. DTG was powered by BanglaCAT Power Rentals and was jointly organized by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Chan Chao Int'l Co., Ltd., and Yorkers Trade and Marketing Service Co. Ltd. It is one of the biggest and most-attended trade events in Bangladesh. The display range is a wide variety of state-of-the-art textiles and garments technologies, machinery and parts. DTG offers an ideal platform for Bangladesh exporters to come into contact and deal with related manufacturers, regional agents and wholesalers. There are more than 1020 booths spanning 10 halls fully open with world class leading brands (Caterpillar, Baruda, CTMTC, Fong's, etc). The importance of representing BanglaCAT in DTG is vast, with over 800 exhibitors and the textile industry excelling in the international market; it is a pathway towards a future of initiating great relationships in the textile sector.

US Trade Show 2013

The U.S Trade Show which ran from February 14th to 16th, at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, organized by AmCham, has the biggest displays of U.S run trades in Bangladesh. It displays many different businesses, institutions, insurance firms, with not only US run trades, but also Bangladeshi initiatives which have affiliations with U.S as well. After the opening ceremony, AmCham Director Mr. A Gafur, AmCham Chairman Mr. Aftab and Ambassador Dan W. Mozena visited the stalls to see how each organization was showcasing their business. Throughout the day, customers and visitors as well as participants visited each other's stalls for queries, and to learn about the different organizations that are present in the country. The event helps BanglaCAT to reach out to perspective as well as old customers who attend.