BanglaCAT started its operation in Bangladesh from 2004 and is currently one of the largest contributors in the sectors of Power Generation and Infrastructure Development in the country. Since its inception, BanglaCAT has been successfully providing unparalleled nationwide customer service to hundreds of customer on a continuous basis. Bangla Trac Ltd. (BanglaCAT) is now the authorized dealer for Sales and Service of the world renowned IMS Versi-Dredge and Mud Cat® MFD (Multi-Function Dredge) which is the concern of Ellicott Dredge Technology (EDT).


IMS Dredges is the world's leading supplier of one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems for maintaining rivers, lakes, canals, and other inland waterways. IMS has supplied hundreds of dredging systems in over 60 countries around the world.

Reason to choose IMS Dredge:

  • Self-Propelled

  • One Truck Transportable

  • No Assembly Required

  • Most Versatile in its Class

  • Patented Dredge Self-Propulsion

  • Patented Weed Harvesting Cutterhead Technology

  • Patented Dewatering Technology

  • US President's E-Award Winner

IMS has since earned itself the reputation of being the world's leading producer of one truck transportable self-propelled dredging systems and has delivered more dredges for lake, marina, and canal maintenance projects than any other manufacturer. IMS also developed the patented WeedMaster cutterhead which converts the Versi-Dredge into a weed harvesting system. This allows the end user to tackle a wider variety of projects with a single piece of equipment instead of having several pieces with multiple operators. IMS holds the exclusive technology for hydraulically pumping aquatic vegetation. As it is self-propelled you don't need any supporting vessel. You need only two people to operate, so operating cost is very low compared to other dredge.


  • 9014 Vesri-Dredge.

  • 7012 Vesri-Dredge.

  • 5012 Vesri-Dredge.


  • Beach Dredging.

  • Canal Dredging.

  • Channel Dredging.

  • Lagoon Dredging.

  • Lake Dredging.

  • Marina Dredging.

  • Mine Tailing Dredging.

  • Port Dredging.

  • River Dredging.

  • Reservoir Dredging.

  • Sand mining Dredging.

  • Spray Dredging.

  • Vegetation Dredging.


The Mud Cat MFD (Multi-Function Dredge) is a self-launching, amphibious dredge with a self-propulsion feature. It has a heavy duty excavator arm that can be used with a variety of quick attachment dredging tools to convert the system into a cutter suction dredge, trash removal machine, environmental clamshell, amphibious excavator, or a pile driving vessel. The Mud Cat MFD was chosen by the Iraq Government as a durable alternative to lighter duty multi-function systems.

Today, Mud Cat has over 1,000 dredges operating around the globe from mine ponds in the Congo to the underground sewers of Singapore. The Mud Cat brand absorbed the LWT (Liquid Waste Technology) brand in late 2015 and is now considered the largest portable auger dredge supplier in the world. Following in the footsteps of the founders Norbert Degelman and Harold Morgan, Mud Cat is leading the small dredge industry with the following technological advances: advanced automation, ROV submersible crawler dredges, and many other exciting new technologies that are used in the wastewater, mining, power generation and environmental sectors around the globe.

Mud Cat is recognized around the world as an iconic brand synonymous with the word "dredge". Over a billion cubic meters of sand, sludge, mud and hazardous waste have been dredged with Mud Cat dredges. Mud Cats from the first year of manufacturing are still operating today which is no surprise considering their motto is "The only way to stop a Mud Cat to turn off the key."


  • Agriculture

  • Industrial

  • Mining

  • Stormwater

  • Water & Waste Water

  • Waterway

  • Wetland.

Application in Bangladesh:

Dhaka covers 26 canals/lakes, but the present condition is so alarming. All of them are blocked by debris, our Mud Cat dredge is the perfect solution for this kind of canal/lake dredging. Also the capital covers various major and small rivers, to maintain navigability of the channels of those rivers versi-dredge is very useful.