Machines: (New)

CAT® equipment sets the standards for the industry & is noteworthy for their high-level of productivity. The success of your business that's what drives the design and manufacture of every piece of equipment in our product line. As a total solutions provider, we offer more than 300 pieces of rugged and reliable equipment for industries like heavy & general construction, mining, forestry, paving & landscaping. Our extensive equipment line includes hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, track-type tractors, backhoe loaders, paving equipment, work tools & much more. We know that with CAT® Equipment, you'll move more and make more; hence, we partner with you to ensure that you get:

  • the right equipment at the right time to meet all your business needs

  • greater fuel efficiency

  • higher production

  • everyday dependability

  • the competitive edge you need & want

  • the highest level of product & support service, and

  • access to all the required and relevant CAT® parts in the industry

No matter what part of the country you are in, we can provide a wide selection of CAT® machines for sale, as well as quality "used" construction and mining equipment to help you accomplish your job. Our CAT® Certified Used Equipment are reliable, yet, affordable alternatives to the new CAT® machines & engines we have; in fact, our large selection of used equipment allows us to offer you something within any budget. Besides reliability & affordability, another major advantage of this used equipment is that they've all been maintained & serviced as per CAT® guidelines & standards. All our CAT® Certified Used machines are high-quality machines, & our every used machine achieves the "certified" status after undergoing a rigorous 140-point inspection. With our many years of experience with CAT® equipment and specialization in CAT® products, we guarantee that purchasing used equipment from us will be your best option.

Our Best Selling Machines

CAT® New 320D Series 2 Excavator

The new 320D Series 2 Hydraulic Excavator is an exceptionally reliable, highly productive machine that lowers operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and simplified routine maintenance. The 320D Series 2 machine features a new engine, powerful hydraulic system, durable main structures and a refined operator station. The 320D/D L Series 2 uses a Cat® C7.1 engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II and China non-road machine emission stage 2 regulations.

  • The new engine, rated at 104 kW (139 hp), uses an electric governor to control the mechanically actuated, low-pressure, fuel-injection system. The new system ensures optimum performance and reliability in areas where fuel quality is less than premium. A new filtration system uses a primary fuel filter / water separator and a secondary fuel filter to ensure clean fuel throughout the system.

  • The 320D/D L Series 2 implement hydraulic system, with a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa (5,076 psi) and maximum oil flow of 2 x 202 L/min (53 gpm), provides high hydraulic horsepower for digging and lifting, as well as for using heavy-duty, hydraulically powered work tools. Available couplers-including the Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber-allow the operator to quickly change work tools and move from task to task for optimum machine utilization. The pilot-type hydraulic system provides low-effort operation and precise control and maximizes efficiency. Boom and stick regeneration systems save energy during boom-down and stick-in operations, reducing cycle times and adding to overall fuel efficiency.

  • The ergonomically designed operator station is both quiet and comfortable, and features a full-color LCD monitor with a choice of 28 languages. The standard suspension seat is adjustable to enhance operator comfort and efficiency. Large windows ensure all-around visibility and promote job-site safety. Viscous rubber cab mounts dampen both vibration and sound transmitted to the operator station, to further enhance operator comfort and productivity.

  • The versatile 320D/D L Series 2 can use a wide range of buckets, either pin-on or coupler-type, along with a selection of ground-engaging tools, to fit the machine to its digging environment for optimum performance and durability.

  • A reserve tank and drain valve attached to the radiator simplify service, and a central grease block on the boom allows easily lubricating hard-to-reach locations on the front linkage. The Series 2 also is equipped with S.O.S™ ports that ensure quality samples from circulating fluid in the engine oil, hydraulic and cooling systems.

CAT® New 924K Series Wheel Loaders

The new Cat® K Series Small Wheel Loaders-924K, 930K and 938K-are completely redesigned, incorporating a new engine that meets emission standards equivalent to EU Stage IIIA and U.S. EPA Tier 3 standards and significant new features that deliver enhanced performance, fuel efficiency and operator comfort. Among the new features are an efficient electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system, new optimized Z-bar loader linkage, refined operator's station and a choice of couplers and buckets for best matching the machine to the application.

  • The CAT® C7.1 ACERT™ powers the three new K-Series wheel loaders and works efficiently with the machines to deliver fuel savings up to 25 percent. An improved fuel filtration system features a dual fuel filter with increased dirt holding capacity for longer life. The C7.1 ACERT rated speed setting of 1800 rpm, compared with 2415 rpm for the H-Series, contributes significantly to reduced fuel consumption, lowered sound levels, and reduced wear.

  • K-Series models are equipped with a step-less, four-range, hydrostatic drive system that allows independent control of ground speed and engine speed for efficient operation of hydraulically powered work tools. A new creeper control feature further improves low speed operations by allowing the operator to adjusted maximum ground speed down to 1.6 km/h (1 mph). An operator-controlled rimpull-control system helps reduce wheel spin and consequent tire wear, and a front differential lock enhances traction.

  • The dedicated load-sensing, variable-displacement pumps for the implement and steering systems reduce horsepower draw for fuel efficiency and improve multifunction performance. The new K Series loaders also incorporate an electronic snubbing feature at end stroke and kick out positions to reduce operating stress. Hydraulic-filter service intervals are extended to 2,000 hours.

  • Optimized Z-bar loader linkage blends the breakout power of Z-bar linkage with the parallel-lift and load-handling characteristics of CAT® VersaLink™ or IT linkage. The new linkage is designed to work with CAT® Performance Series buckets, designed for efficient loading, high fill factors, improved material retention and lowered fuel consumption.

  • An all-new operator's station features automatic temperature control, curved front windshield, tilt and telescoping steering column, and a Soft Touch control panel. The electronic joystick for implement control is seat-mounted, adjustable and incorporates integral controls for auxiliary hydraulics, directional shifting and optional differential lock. In-cab sound levels are reduced to 71 dB (A).