Generators (Gas/Diesel/HFO/Dual Fuel)

We provide top notch Gas, Diesel, HFO and Dual Fuel Caterpillar Generators within the range of 80KW to 9700KW. These generators are designed with superior quality, unsurpassed reliability and greater durability that allow for their ease of serviceability, reparability; this unrivaled quality is coupled with our outstanding 365X24/7product support and service. We've engineered for high efficiency, low lifecycle costs and for our products to meet most global emissions specifications. We also have the expertise of providing engineering and after-sales-support for such mixed fuel applications and conversion for electricity generation and CHP.

Proven in more than 12000 applications around the globe, CAT® gas generator sets offer high reliability, durability and fuel flexibility to burn fuels from lower energy landfill gas or biogas to pipeline natural gas to field gas. Our Gas Generators, ranging from 80KW to 10000KW, have consistently been providing Smart Energy Solutions due to their versatility and greater productivity.

Ranging from 10KVA to 18000KVA, the Caterpillar diesel generators that we offer are built to world-class standards for higher fuel-efficiency and global emissions compliance. These generators not only provide reliable power solutions to major industries and ventures but also come in a range of options to match varied power needs; this makes selection and installation reasonably easier.

We also sell HFO generators and Dual Fuel generators. Our low-emission high-efficiency liquid fuel (LFO, CRO & HFO up to 700 cSt) fired gensets range between 2.5MWe to 14.4MWe each, and are compatible in 500 and 750rpm for 50Hz and 600rmp for 60Hz applications. This versatility in design allows diversity in the cooling systems, fuel range, ease of installation and maintenance. All this and much more adds to the ease of maintainability and the overall profitability of operating a Caterpillar HFO generator. These genesets are also built to meet the emission levels of the World Bank regulations. In order to make your power projects/ venture reliable and efficient, we, in conjunction with Caterpillar Motoren (CM), provide you with detailed consultation along with engineering services, O&M support, LTSA, and our dedicated Product Support Representative.

Our Dual Fuel Fired engines, ranging from 6.5MWe to 14.4 MWe, give you the option to run your plant/ project on a large variety of fuels like natural gas, diesel, biofuels, and so on. These generators eventually can burn up to 99% volumetric with 1% Diesel pilot injection at full load. The Caterpillar Dual fuel generators are available in 500/600/750/1200/1500 rpm and 50/60 Hz. Caterpillar also does the dual fuel conversion for used CAT® liquid fuel genset as an aftermarket care provision with conversion kits. CAT® provides warranty for the aftermarket conversion subject to diligent performance tests and workmanship. These dual fuel engines also meet the World Bank emission regulations. We, BanglaCAT, have the technical expertise and personnel to provide all the required engineering and after sales support service for maintenance of such dual fuel application and conversion for both Electricity Generation and Combined Heat & Power (CHP).