Gas Generators

Gas Generators - Powering Possibilities with World-Class Power

If you need engines to have an impressive power range and impact on your business, you'll need the Cat® family of engines in your corner. Caterpillar is setting new standards in emission control, fuel efficiency, and performance -without any sacrifice in durability and reliability. CAT® Gas Generators are driving some powerful new changes in the way we see our world. All specifications offer high reliability, durability and fuel flexibility to burn fuels from the low energy landfill gas or biogas to pipeline natural gas to field gases.

As an authorized dealer of Caterpillar products, we provide top notch Gas Generators within the range of 80KW to 10000KW and have consistently been providing Smart Energy Solutions. These generators are designed with superior quality, unsurpassed reliability and greater durability that allow for their ease of serviceability, reparability; this unrivalled quality is coupled with our outstanding 365X24/7product support and service. Our generator sets are made to run on your gas sources with fuel flexible options. Ranging from 80 to 10,000 ekW, with customizable options to match your power needs, our generator sets are easy to select, permit and install. We've engineered for high efficiency, low lifecycle costs and for our products to meet most global emissions specifications. We also have the expertise for providing engineering and after-sales-support. New engine technologies deliver power, heat, or cogeneration with world class electrical and thermal efficiency. Our Gas engines are optimized for operation in parallel mood or disconnected from only electric utility and are coupled with control systems and if applicable with heat recovery modules also.

Meeting your needs has shaped our history: We understand what it takes to deliver a successful gas power generation system, and we also know that it starts with a core machine that is designed for efficiency and reliability. Since the 1920's, Caterpillar has been designing and building engines for power production. Although the technology has changed over the years, but the philosophy hasn't: to deliver the most reliable power generation at the lowest possible cost of ownership and operation. Our gas power system is supported by a factory trained global network of CAT® dealers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your equipment will be ordered, delivered, installed and commissioned in consultation with a local expert. You'll also have the confidence that Caterpillar will be there to keep your gas generator up and running. As the authorized dealer of CAT® products and services, we are always there to provide the most extensive after-sales support including oil and fuel monitoring services, preventive maintenance and comprehensive customer support agreements.

Some of Our Best Selling Gas Generators

G 3516: Caterpillar introduces new highly equipped G3516 Gas Genset Model. The new engine model G 3516 has a rating of 1030 KW with highly equipped 1287 KVA. It has 400V line voltage and also includes 0.8 power factor with permanent magnet excitation type and 50 Hz frequency. It introduced series star connection, which gives effective duty. G 3516 has a well-equipped 697-generator frame that ensures optimum performance even when fuel quality is less than premium. G 3516 is the most popular model in Bangladesh as it is running about 2000 units here. The operation & maintenance cost of this model is cheaper compare to any other brand of this range.

CG 170: For demonstrating a commitment to provide its customers with reliable and efficient gas-fueled power generation systems, Caterpillar has introduced a new series of Cat® generator sets. The CG product line consisting of the CG170 features electrical outputs ranging of 1500 kWe. Available in both 50 Hz- and 60 Hz-rated models, CG generator sets are designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and cogeneration (combined heat-and-power) applications. Built for flexibility, CG generator sets can operate on gases of varying quality, including natural gas; biogases such as landfill, digester, and sewage gas; coke gas; and coal mine methane. The new generator set used in a variety applications, including industrial and commercial facilities, utilities, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, mines, greenhouses, and farms. The most attractive feature of this model is it can run at 20 mbar gas pressure, which differentiates this model from the other brands.

CG260-16: The CG260 series includes 12- and 16-cylinder configurations. These 60 Hz-rated generators deliver electrical outputs from 3000 to 4000 kW, while the 50 Hz-rated generators deliver electrical outputs from 3300 to 4300 kW. It was developed for a high power output with a power-to-weight ratio that is up to 40% better than similar products. It is easy to transport and fits well in small engine rooms or modular power plants. A multivariable controller integrates all critical control functions on the engine, improving the dynamic load response and increasing the electrical efficiency. It consumes 40 percent less oil than some competitive generator sets, a savings of 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) of oil per year on a CG260-16 engine. This model can run at low gas pressure compare to other brands of this range.

G 3520C: Caterpillar Inc. introduces the Cat G3520C advanced gaseous-fueled generator set, featuring high-efficiency and long service life to support low-energy fuel from landfill applications. G3520C is an advanced gaseous-fueled generator set, featuring high-efficiency and long service life to support low-energy fuel from landfill applications. The G3520C 50 Hz generator set is specifically designed to protect engine components against landfill gas contaminants, thus eliminating the need for elaborate fuel treatment systems and special maintenance and service practices. The G3520C generator set also provides a lower installed cost per kW, with power densities as high as 100 kW per cylinder. G3520C engines consist worldwide emissions requirements down to 250 mg/Nm3 NOx level without after treatment. G3520C has been designed for maximum performance on low-pressure gas fuel supply, and one electronic control module handles all engine functions: ignition, governing, air/fuel ratio control and engine protection.