Dual Fuel

CM Dual Fuel Fired engines eventually can burn natural gas up to 99% volumetric with 1% Diesel pilot injection at full load. These gensets are also manufactured in the facilities of Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG in Kiel and Rostock, Germany. Only CM 340mm and 460mm bore Vee engines are now available for this type of combustion variety. Caterpillar 3500 series diesel fired genset from Lafayette, USA is also having the convertibility to duel fuel technology whereas it is limited to minimum 30% Diesel pilot injection & remaining 70% Natural gas for combustion at 100% load. These duel fuel generators are available in 500/600/750/1200/1500 rpm and 50/60 Hz. Caterpillar also does the duel fuel conversion for used CAT® liquid fuel genset as an aftermarket care provision with conversion kits. CAT® provides warranty for the aftermarket conversion subject to diligent performance tests and workmanship. Also these gensets meet the World Bank emission regulations. Bangla Trac Limited is having the capability for providing the engineering & after sales support for this type of mixed fuel application and conversion for both electricity generation and Combined Heat & Power (CHP).