BanglaCAT at a Glance

Bangla Trac Limited (BanglaCAT) is the exclusive authorized dealer of Caterpillar Inc. USA in Bangladesh and is, currently, one of the largest contributors in the sectors of Power Generation and Infrastructure Development in the country. BanglaCAT is also globally known as the Largest Electric Power Generation (EPG) Dealer for Caterpillar in Asia Pacific and is among the Top 5 Caterpillar EPG Dealers.

BanglaCAT management brings with it over 30 years experience of marketing CAT® products in the country. Since its' inception in 11th of October, 2004, BanglaCAT has been exemplary in delivering unparalleled value-added services to its customers with utmost dexterity and efficacy. Headquartered in Banani, Dhaka, BanglaCAT operates several branch offices all over the country to sell, rent and provide parts and services for CAT® machineries, generators and engines to its esteemed customers.

Locally, BanglaCAT is the largest provider of independent power generation solutions. CAT® generators in Bangladesh have a combined capacity of more than 3500MW-installed capacity, which is equivalent to 35% of the national grid's electricity production. CAT® solutions have similar dominance within the pharmaceuticals, steel, agro-processing, food and beverage, chemical, RMG and construction sectors. Additionally, Caterpillar products have been used to build the infrastructure of the country through machines provided to the Bangladesh Army (UN Missions) and Dhaka City Corporation.